JUNE 14, 1996…FIRST SUFFOLK CO. POLICE VISIT at my parents home

At 7:30 p.m. Friday, Suffolk County Fugitive Detectives, Bill Gintz and Steve Dorsey came to the Dix Hills, NY
home of my parents, Veronica and Edwards Snyder, stating that my name was in the NCIC computers and
told my parents that I had to come out of hiding.  They told my parents that I had to give myself up, that no
matter where I was stopped in the U.S. I would be extradited across state lines to PA.  My parents were also
told that they would be back every two weeks until I was apprehended…these detectives NEVER
PRESENTED ANY WARRANTS OR SUBPOENAS to my parents.  I was not in New York at the time, and my
parents told them so. Both left leaving one calling card.
Suffolk County
Detective Bill Giantz

My mother asked for the police officers ID's, Detective
Steve Dorsey gave his card to my mother, Detective Bill
Gintz stated he just became a Detective, and hasn't
made his cards yet, so he just wrote his name on
Detective Steve Dorsry card.

Note: A year has passed when Detective Bill Gintz came
to my parents home once again looking for me and he
still didn't have any of his own cards made up.