AUGUST 4, 1999...THIRD SUFFOLK COUNTY POLICE VISIT at My Parents  Home                                      

No sooner was the ink dry on the contract we signed with Pomerantz and Lewis when the Suffolk County
Fugitive Detectives started at our doors again.

Approximately 10:00 p.m. the front door bell of my parents’ Dix Hills home rang. I and my wife and son were
NOT THERE as we were upstate NY visiting her family. Detective Bill Gintz advised my stepfather, Edward
Snyder, who answered the doorbell, that THEY had to do a “once a year checkup” on this case inquiring as
to my whereabouts. My stepfather advised that I WAS NOT THERE. Detective Bill Gintz presented NO
WARRANT NOR SUBPOENA. He then asked Edward Snyder A VERY ODD QUESTION, which was “DID YOU
OBTAIN A PENNSYLVANIA ATTORNEY YET?” being told “yes”; then they left. We felt his question and timing
Suffolk County Detective Bill Gintz
still didn't have any of his own cards on him yet